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Christian Community Development

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):


What are the internship year goals?

Great Lakes Urban (GLU) has three broad goals for its Internship program:

1.  Promote the Asset Based Community Development Model - Pursuant to GLU’s organizational mission and vision, the GLU Internship program introduces potential leaders to the Asset Based community Development model in order to multiply the use of this model to create communities where neighbors are at the center of their change stories.​.


2.  Prepare Strong ABCD Leaders - Through training, coaching, appropriate supervision, and cohort learning groups, participants will gain knowledge and skills to successfully facilitate positive, sustainable neighborhood change and will leave the program stronger in:

  • their own ABCD journey.

  • their own spiritual journey.

  • community formation and facilitation practices.

  • leadership and organizational development skills.


3.  Enhance the Work of Partners in Community Development Efforts - Tohether through organizing, listening projects, or program support and leadership, the work of the intern is to build the leadership capacity of the community itself. When the people say: “We did it ourselves”, the intern has done their best work!


After completion of this program, GLU interns will be ready for ABCD Community Connector roles in any urban community.


What about the Money?

  • Great Lakes Urban will pay a stipend associated with this internship at the rate of $12 per hour.

  • Interns will be able to work up to 20 hour’s per week.

  • Interns are on their own for housing, food, and transportation. The host organization will be supportive and helpful in creating a scenario that will work.

What’s the work?

  • A sample position-description is available upon request. Each intern will work with her/his appointed host organization to negotiate the best possible internship. There are many variables such as the intern’s gift mix, particular skills, the organization’s unique staffing needs etc. that determine the final position description/contract.

  • Every intern will spend substantial time in a particular neighborhood listening to and engaging with residents: Discovering their gifts; Discovering what their dreams are for their neighborhood; Discovering community strengths and assets, and Organizing residents to work in teams on the things they care about.


  • Some time will also be spent in a specific community development program or strengthening the organizational capacity of the host organization.

  • Ask for a sample week template.


There is a learning component:

  • Great Lakes Urban contributes 65 hours of training during this internship.



For more detailed replies to these and additional questions, please contact the program administrator, Jay VanGroningen  at jay@greatlakesurban.com